I am proud to use Dunlop and Pyramid strings on all D. Lakin Basses. Click the image for info on each brand.

Back around 2000, I read in bass player magazine that Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead used to use Pyramid Gold strings on his basses circa 1969-1972. I’m a big fan of the Dead and especially the bass tone of those years. I also learned that Pyramid made (and still does) Hofner strings. This means the Beatles were primarily recorded with Pyramid flats. So, tracked down a set. They were expensive compared to other brands, but I bought them anyways. I fell in love I began putting them on most of my personnel basses. I’ve told many people about them and of those who have tried them, I have never heard a negative comment. They are perfection. If flatwounds are a part of your sound, I urge you to try them. I’ll go a step further and offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Return the strings (even though they would be cut to fit your bass) and I will return your money!