Welcome to D.Lakin Basses!

I’m glad you’re here. My favorite part with Lakland was working with artists to create the perfect bass for them. Without having a dealer as a middleman, I can now offer this consultation with all customers. Every order starts with a conversation, (phone, text or email)and ends with your perfect bass. We use the finest components and skill by the best technicians in the world to create the ultimate playing experience. All details of your bass are customizable. I offer lifetime warranties to the original owner. All sales are 100 percent money back guaranteed if your not completely satisfied. International orders are welcome!



Working with the best bass players on the planet, we have created a menu of fantastic designs. We will be rolling out many of these in the next few weeks and months. We are not trying for a reissue but more of a re-imagining of these designs.

All “IS” basses will be limited to 10 units per design. With the bass, one gets what we call “case candy”, documents, photos, certificates of authenticity, etc. It will vary from bass to bass.

Bassists wanting to help us design, email Dan with your ideas. Maybe you can join the IS family of bass designs!


A bass needs to be a minimum scale length for the strings to have proper tension to communicate bass notes. The longer the scale the clearer the notes. Think of a piano. 34 inches is a good length for a very clear tone. But music is not all about being clear. A shorter scale length gives the strings a chance to resonate wider for a bigger tone. It doesn’t seem to make sense – a shorter scale = bigger tone, but that is the case. Again if you are looking for a clearer crisper tone then I recommend a full or 34” scale. The 30” vs 34” is not about the fact that one is better, quite simply they are different.

D. Lakin Basses offers great designs in both scale lengths. These images illustrate the difference. I believe most short scale basses up till now have had bodies that are too small. We have fixed this design shortcoming with our new line.