Trickfish TF212V

The TF212V is the latest addition to our overwhelmingly popular line of 12″ speaker cabinets. This new design shares the same dimensions as our TF210V making it a compact stand-alone powerhouse or a great match for a TF112, TF210V or a second TF212V! Our proprietary 12” Eminence drivers went through a thorough redesign process resulting in a smooth, deep tone in an efficient small package.

Like the TF210V, the TF212V is designed to stand vertically, making it ear-friendly as a stand-alone cabinet or, when stacked as a pair, a powerful small footprint line array. The TF212V is constructed from 15mm Baltic Birch ply and features two steel handles, metal corners and intense structural bracing that help mitigate unwanted resonance.

Weight: 56 lbs