Trickfish TF208

Don’t let the TF208’s pint-sized design fool you. It’s packed full of the same strength that makes the TF408 such a powerhouse. Utilizing the same custom Eminence® ferrite bass speakers, this 2 x 8″ compact bass cabinet delivers a tight and balanced tone. The focused low end, articulate midrange, and superior high-frequency articulation are perfect for both upright and electric basses.

As with all Trickfish cabinets, the TF208 is made from void-free Baltic Birch for superior stability and covered in our proprietary, road-worthy 22 oz. “Sharkskin” vinyl. A perforated steel grill and steel corners add to the cabinet’s durability. The HF transducers and proprietary drivers are designed by Trickfish and manufactured by world leader Eminence®. Our crossover networks employ an advanced circuit design and an on-board protection lamp that preserves component integrity even under the most demanding conditions.

The TF208 is rock solid and still light enough to carry one-handed. A side-recessed steel handle makes transportation effortless. Optimized for horizontal orientation, the TF208 stacks perfectly on the TF408 for a massive mini stack. Add it to a TF112 for a perfect small to medium volume gig. Standalone or as a pair, the TF208 is designed to impress!

Weight: 38 lbs